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We are a design and marketing service provider delivering digital, print and web solutions with a marketing edge.

Being true to our commitment to providing a one-stop-shop service (and thus Keeping It Simple for our clients), Creative Cats also caters for your webhosting and printing [production] needs too.

We are very flexible in our offering and cater to businesses of different needs and sizes. We also offer a very wide host of products and services to suit our clients’ needs. We have performed rebranding for a number of clients who have grown from smaller businesses to a larger operation needing a ‘professional facelift’. At Creative Cats, we produce print collateral such as corporate collateral, business stationery, marketing collateral, presentation collateral, event collateral, promotional collateral and the like. We have knowledge in prepress preparation and work closely with our printers to provide economical and high quality print with environmentally sustainable practices. We also design and develop websites while providing complimentary products such as newsletters, email campaigns, web hosting, SEO and SEA for a complete host of services to make this a one-stop-shop for our clients.


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